Begin testing registration

Here you will assign the testing steps to your account for the test you want to take. In order to assign testing steps for the credential you want to test for, just click the arrow below the credential acronym that you are interested in. You will be re-directed to Certemy and asked to log in to add the testing steps to your profile. Please make sure you are not already logged into Certemy when adding your testing steps. If you have any questons, please contact the Administrator at ar.asacb@gmail.com.


Please make sure that you have registered and completed your CIT registration phase prior to adding one of the testing phases to your profile.

Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor (AADC) Testing

Alcohol Drug Counselor (ADC) Testing

Clinical Supervisor (CS) Testing

Peer Recovery (PR) Testing

Certification Requirements for testing

Click on the correct certification type to get a copy of the Certification Requirements for testing: